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Hide and Secret is a hidden object game and one of the hundreds of great free, full games available at
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23 August 2011

Editor's review

Finding hidden objects from a given lot is among the most popular games that used to come out in magazines and newspapers in weekends. With the same concept in minds game developers has come out with a fantastic hidden object game namely, Hide and Secret. Hide and Secret is a splendid searching puzzle game that can keep you entertained for hours. The game is truly an amazing one with a brilliant story line that is embedded in it. The game has been designed with contemporary graphics and 3D animation which in a whole is a complete treat to the eyes. This game comes absolutely for free and can be downloaded from the internet and installed effortlessly.

The game’s story goes this way; a robber named Jacques robbed many valuable treasures from museums moments before public could view them. Now Jacques is planning to rule the earth with the magical power the treasures has in them. Your job being the hero of the game is to find all the treasures in order to save the world form any kind of obliteration. Throughout the game Will Scout along with Anna Lyze will be accompanying you to accomplish your mission. The game is highly thrilling as the robber Jacques is not at all easy to catch. You will need to avoid all the dangerous traps and make your way to locate the treasures. The game will take you to more than 25 wonderful locations where you have to find the items present in them. There are 20 levels full of excitement and entertaining character which you need to complete to save the world from the robber. Each location has a messed up environment where you have to locate the item present on the task list just by clicking them.

Besides a fantastic graphics the game is also bestowed with some of mesmerizing dialogues and brilliant music that makes the game come out alive. Going by all the features and amazing game play, we rate it with 3.5 on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Hide and Secret is a fun and addictive hidden object game and one of the hundreds of great completely free and full games available at With a constantly growing collection, casual gamers can rejoice in the fact that they will certainly never run out of video games to choose from here. In Hide and Secret, players will work through over twenty levels across a wide variety of thirty beautifully-rendered scenes to accomplish victory. A conniving thief with dreams of world domination has stolen some powerful magical artifacts from a museum and the player will have limited time to get them back before it is too late. You will have the help of your accomplices as you work your way through each scene and level uncovering various clues and stolen artifacts. You will need to be quick, however, lest you lose the trail of the robber. Find out more at . There are screenshots of the game, an overview and system requirements. A download link is provided too.
Hide and Secret
Hide and Secret
Version 2.0
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I think the is soo good and its really hard aswell but fun and I recommend you should download it!!!
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